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2018 Winter and Spring Update!

We started the year off with a bang with 70000 Tons of Metal! Again this year Kylla Custom Rock Wear designed and fabricated custom bikinis and outfits for our promotional models and metal hostesses on the high seas- the pool girls! Turks and Caicos was absolutely beautiful, and I had the honor of hosting the infamous Belly Flop competition again, as well as doing a bunch of band interviews for! It was great to have a bunch of the bands we dress on board this year as well, including the mighty Kreator and Necrophobic!

I am always making road visits to our bands' shows to offer custom tailoring and any necessary wardrobe work on site and went to Pittsburgh to see the new stage wardobe we made for Machine Head's "Catharsis" world tour in action! We have been working with them for many years now and was super gravy to see this look come together with the whole production!

Some exciting news on the Ready-to-Wear front as well- we have been working with fellow Virginian and alternative fashion mogul Allister at Ayyawear and Verillas clothing to get our manufactured line off the ground! We have been hand making some design samples for his line, and he is going to have his factories manufacture some of our most popular pieces, so that they are readily available with a quicker turnaround!! Stay tuned for great news with this exciting collaboration!

I just returned from a run over to Europe for some of the Spring metal festivals- this year tried some new ones! I went to Munich for Dark Easter where our clients from Naglfar and friends from Bloodbath played- great festival in one of my favorite areas of the world- Bavaria! I feel like I am in a fairy tale every time I visit that area. Then we did some modeling on the streets of Basel in Switzerland, and headed off to Scotland for Lords of the Land festival in Glasgow! I made some great contacts with some exciting new things to come, and it was good to see my old friends from Dark Angel play! For some reason I had never been to Edinburgh, but that also makes me feel like I am in some sort of mystical medieval storyline. The architecture is breathtaking, and we even had some sun!

Of course the most exciting event for us of the Spring is WRESTLEMANIA! This year we made some new gear for Bray Wyatt and also our designs for the tag team champions The Bludgeon Brothers were featured on the greatest stage of them all! Looking forward to Maryland Deathfest as our next big event, and then summer festival season!

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