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Mask Making

We have been keeping busy during the pandemic here at Kylla Custom Rock Wear with our Masks for Healthcare Workers initiative! We design and sew costumes for the music and wrestling industries primarily, both of which were shut down due to Covid-19, so it was a challenge to switch gears suddenly to mask-sewing! I spent several weeks doing research on materials and design to make the safest possible masks I could. I also made that research available in a video so that people could see our sources and process, and contribute to mask making efforts of their own! It's now 3 months into our mask sales, and we were able to send over 1000 people safe breathable masks to contribute to public safety, all while looking metal!! These sales funded the creation of hundreds of free masks that we were able to send to Healthcare workers and first responders on the front lines of the Covid-19 fight, as well as several lower income and elderly housing complexes! It felt like a neverending all-night effort at times, but the need was so great that it was important to help as much as we could! We finally still have masks available after a release in the Ready-to-Wear section, so I feel like we can slow mask production and re-focus once again on our Custom Shop orders! Thanks to anyone who bought or rocked a Kylla mask- safety first, metal second!

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